Sefer Shmuel


Sefer Shmuel Alef : Introduction & Ch 1 Pt 1

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Sefer Shmuel Alef : Ch 1 Part 2

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 1 Part 3 and Ch 2 : Chana's Thanksgiving Prayer

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Sefer Shmuel I - Ch 2 Part 2 Rotting Meet

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 2 Pt 3 : Intergenerational Legacies

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 3 : Don't Let the Lights Go Out

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Please start with the source sheets from the last shiur, "Intergenerational Legacies".


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 3 Conclusion and Ch 4 Part 1 Losing the Ark

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For source sheets at the start of the shiur, please see the previous shiur, "Don't Let the Lights Go Out"


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 4 Part 2

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Please see previous source sheets


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 4 Pt 3 : The Tragic (Re-Birth) of Binyamin

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Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 5 : Plagues of the Plishtim

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 6 : Returning Effects

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 7 : Circuits of Shmuel Hanavi

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 1 : Rejected Kings

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 2 : Royal Order

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 3 : Royal Order (Continued)

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see mekorot sheets from previous shiur


Sefer Shmuel I Ch. 9 Pt. 1: Elevated Visionr

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 9 Pt 2 : Of Donkeys and Destinies

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Sefer Shmuel I Ch 9 Pt 3 : Surprised Party

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Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 1 : Rachel Imenu & the Prophetic Journey

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Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 2 : Where Rachel Imenu Longs For Her Children

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Download Shavuot_5777_Seeing_Yerushalayim_From_Kever_Rachel_to_Rama_adapted_from_Shmuel_I_Perek_10_Pt_1_and_Pt_2.docx

Please see the 2 source packets for this shiur. The recorded shiur was delivered before Shavuot during the weekly slot on Thursday morning prior to Yom Cheirut Yerushalayim 28 Iyar 5777. The Tikun Leil Shavuot Edition--an amalgam of Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 1 and Pt 2, with supplemental material for Shavuot on pages 6-10--includes a map (cover) adapted from the Atlas Da'at Mikra.


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 3 & Ch 11 : The Humble King (Partially) Saves (The Whole)

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Sefer Shmuel Alef - Chapter 12 : A Farewell Summer Storm

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Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 13: Defensive King

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Download Shmuel_I_Ch_13_Defensive_King.pdf

This is the 'opening shiur' for 5778, reviews themes of the sefer to this point--


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 13 Pt 2: Hidden Mettle

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Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 1: Friendly Fire

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Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 2: On Yehonatan and His Signs

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For source sheets see last shiur Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 14 Pt 1 Friendly Fire


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 2: Friendly Fire Oath

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Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 1: His Torncoat

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Download Shmuel_I_Ch_15_Pt_1_His_Torncoat.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 15 Pt 2 - His Torncoat

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Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 15 Pt 3 - His Torncoat

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Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 16 Pt 1 - Obstructed Sight Lines to David

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