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Ark Basket Program

 Welcome to Or Torah's Ark Basket Program.  Our group of  volunteers help provide food for three families referred to us by The Ark on a monthly basis. We purchase groceries for 2 of the referred families and buy food gift cards from Hungarian and Jewel for the 3rd family.

Or Torah helps 3 families referred to us by the Ark on a monthly basis.

We buy groceries for 2 families, and we buy food gift cards from Hungarian and Jewel for 1 family.

How it works for the shoppers:  Participating in the Ark Basket is about once every 15 months. Before a new cycle starts, a calendar is sent out telling you which month you are assigned to. Groups of 2-4 share the shopping, delivery, and divide the cost amongst themselves.

The cost is usually $75-$125 per volunteer. The month before your rotation, you will receive a reminder with the names and phone numbers of your shopping partners. You will receive a specific shopping list for the recipient family.
You and your partners then decide how to divide the responsibilities.

-Some split the list and do their own shopping/delivering - Some shop and deliver together - Often one partner shops and other delivers.

How it works for the gift certificates:  Once a year you will receive a request in the mail for a donation to Or Torah's Ark Basket. Money collected will be used by the Ark Basket to purchase gift cards from Hungarian and Jewel.  
Please contact:  Paige Janko - (847) 972-1576 / Cathy Gluck - (847 (674-6612 /  New Members may also contact Andrea Weiss  at   (847) 213-0083 /  



Tue, December 18 2018 10 Tevet 5779