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Rav Nachman of Breslov - Ki Ner Mitzva - Part 1

Download Ki_Ner_Mitzva_Rebbe_Nachman_Pa.mp3
Download R_Nachman_of_Breslov_Ki_Ner_Mi

Please click here to access the text of likutei moharan online


Rav Nachman of Breslov - Ki Ner Mitzva - Part 2

Download Ki_Ner_Mitzva_R_Nachman_Part_2.mp3
Download Rav_Nachman_Ki_Ner_Mitzva_part

Corrigenda: the term דעת (daat) more accurately translates as knowledge, rather than intelligence (n.).


Sparks From The Rock: How Chanuka Changed The Way Jews Think About Torah

Download Chanuka_Sparks_From_the_Rock_A.mp3
Download Rock_of_Ages_Shiur_at_Hillel_U.pdf


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The First Light

Download 1_The_First_Light_8_Lights_for.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_1


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Second Light

Download 2_The_Second_Light_8_Lights_fo.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_2


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Third Light

Download 3_The_Third_Light_8_Lights_for.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_3


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Fourth Light

Download 4_The_Fourth_Light_8_Lights_fo.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_4


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Fifth Light

Download 5_The_Fifth_Light_8_Lights_for.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_5.pdf


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Sixth Light

Download 6_The_Sixth_Light_8_Lights_for.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_6.pdf


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Seventh Light

Download 7_The_Seventh_Light_8_Lights_f.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_7.pdf


8 Lights for 8 Nights: The Eighth Light

Download 8_The_Eighth_Light_8_Lights_fo.mp3
Download 8_Lights_for_8_Nights_Light_8.pdf


The Brakha of She'asa Nisim on Chanuka

Download Hilkhot_Chanuka_Birkat_sheasa_.mp3


The Illuminated Doorway

Download The_Illuminated_Doorway_From_N.mp3
Download Chanuka_5773_The_Illuminated_D.pdf

In memory of sabati morati, Eva Filler, z"l, who passed away on 25 Kislev, the first light of Chanuka.


The Bracha of l'hadlik ner shel chanuka

Download Hilkhot_Chanuka_Birkat_lhadlik.mp3


Chanuka Fire: On Internal Conflicts

Download Chanuka_Fire_On_Internal_Conflicts.mp3
Download Chanuka_5774_Chanuka_Fire_On_Internal_Conflicts.pdf

In memory of sabati morati, Eva Filler, z"l, who passed away on 25 Kislev, the first light of Chanuka.


The Menora & The Mount

Download Menora___The_Mount_Chanuka_5775.MP3
Download The_Menora_and_the_Mount_Chanuka_Shiur_5775.pdf


Chanuka: The Fire in Israel

Download Chanuka_Shiur_5776_The_Fire_in_Israel.MP3
Download Chanuka_The_Fire_in_Israel_Chanuka_Shiur_5776_FINAL.pdf

In memory of sabati morati, Eva Filler, z"l, who passed away on 25 Kislev, the first light of Chanuka.


Chanuka: Between Hadlaka and Hatava

Download Hadlaka_and_Hatava_Learning_Harerei_Kedem_on_Chanuka.MP3

Reading an essay from the work Harerei Kedem, a collection of shiurim delivered by Rav Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik, ztkl


Born in Gan Eden Series : The Birth of Chanuka in the Garden

Download Born_in_Gan_Eden__Birth_of_Chanuka_in_the_Garden_.MP3

Download Gan_Eden_Series_Birth_of_Chanuka_in_the_Garden_Kislev_5777.docx


Reflections on the Second Night of Chanuka

Download Chanuka_5777_Mehadrin_Because_Hashem_Cares.mp3


Chanuka Lights - Chanuka and the Mikdash, Az Egmor Bshir Mizmor Chanukat Hamizbeach

Download Chanuka_5777_On_Chanuka_and_the_Mikdash_Az_Egmor.mp3


A Little Light for Chanuka on Information Theory

New Messages of Chanuka for the Information Age

לעילוי נשמת סבתי מורתי חוה ברכה בת בן ציון הלוי ז"ל

The video at the beginning of the shiur can be found here:

Please note that this shiur has mekorot and a google slide show (attached)


Download A_Little_Light_for_Chanuka_on_Information_Theory-_Chanuka_Shiur_5778.MP3

Download A_Little_Light_for_Chanuka_On_Information_Theory_5778_-_Addendum.MP3

Download Chanuka_5778_A_Little_Light_for_Chanuka.pdf

Download Information_Theory__Chanuka_Edition.pdf


Talmud Sukka and Chanuka - Do the Lights Have Kedusha?

Download Talmud_Sukka_and_Chanuka_Do_the_Lights_Have_Kedusha.MP3


Soul of the Siddur : Al HaNisim

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_-_Chanuka_-_Al_HaNisim.MP3

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_Chanuka_-_Al_HaNisim.pdf


Soul of the Siddur : Al HaNisim Part 2

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_Chanuka_Al_HaNisim_Part_2.MP3

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_Chanuka_-_Al_HaNisim_Part_2.pdf


The Menorah of Freedom

Download Menorah_of_Freedom__Shiur_for_Chanuka_5779.MP3

Download Chanuka_5779_The_Menorah_of_Freedom.pdf

לעילוי נשמת סבתי מורתי חוה ברכה בת בן ציון הלוי ז"ל


Chanuka Halakha Shiur - B'Inyan Mehadrin b'Hadlakat Ner Chanuka

Download Chanuka_Halakha_Shiur_on_Mehadrin_recording_starts_a_few_minutes_into_shiur.MP3


Soul of the Siddur: Al HaNisim of Chanuka

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_Al_Hanisim_Chanuka.MP3

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_Shemoneh_Esrei_-_Al_HaNisim.pdf


Soul of the Siddur: Haneirot Halalu

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_-_Haneirot_Halalu.MP3

Download Soul_of_the_Siddur_-_Hanerot_Halalu.pdf


Searching For New Light on Chanuka

Download Searching_For_New_Light_on_Chanuka_A_Shiur_for_Chanuka_5780.MP3

Download Searching_For_New_Light_on_Chanuka_Chanuka_5780.pdf

When Judaism first confronted a new ideology that swept the world, Chanuka was the response. בימים ההם ובזמן הזה In those days, and in our time, as we confront Postmodernism.


Zot Chanuka - This is What Chanuka is About

Download Zot_Chanuka_-_This_is_What_Chanuka_is_About.m4a


Chanuka and Sefer Melachim Alef Ch 7: The Ten Menorot

Download Chanuka_5782_and_Melachim_Alef_Ch_7_10_Menorot_of_Shlomo_Hamelech_AUDIO.m4a

Download Melachim_Alef_Ch_7_On_the_10_Menorot.pdf


Chanuka and Sefer Melachim Alef Ch 8 Pt 1: At the First Chanukat Habayit

Download Chanuka_and_Sefer_Melachim_Alef_Ch_8_Pt_1_At_the_First_Chanukat_HaBayit_AUDIO.m4a

Download Melachim_Alef_Ch_8_At_the_First_Chanukat_Habayit.pdf


Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783