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Megillat Esther


Megillat Esther - Between the Capital & The State Part 1

Download Megilat_Esther_Between_the_Capital___the_State_Ezra_and_Esther_Part_1.MP3
Download Between_the_Capital___The_State_PART_1_Lobbying_for_Zion.pdf


Megillat Esther - Between the Capital & The State Part 2

Download Megilat_Esther_Between_the_Capital___the_State_Ezra_and_Esther_Part_2.MP3


Megillat Esther - Between the Capital & The State Part 3

Download Megilat_Esther_Between_the_Capital_and_the_State_Ezra_and_Esther_Part_3.MP3


From the Lions' Den to the Bear Cave

Download Megilat_Esther_From_Lions_Den_.mp3
Download Megilat_Esther_From_Lions_Den_.pdf

How Sefer Daniel informs Esther


From the Lions' Den to the Bear Cave: Part 2

Download From_Lions_Den_to_Bear_Cave_Pt.mp3

Download 0From_Lions_Den_to_Bear_Cave_Pt.mp3
Download Megilat_Esther_From_Lions_Den_.pdf

Fervent Petition to Fine Wine

There are two audio files associated with this shiur.


Accessing the Palace: Tefillat Esther

Download Accessing_the_Palace_Tefillat_.mp3
Download Megillat_Esther_Ch_5_Accessing.pdf


Megillat Esther Chapter 4

Download Megillat_Esther_Chapter_4_Puri.mp3


Megillat Esther Chapter 5 - Royal Raiments

Download Megillat_Esther_Chapter_5_Puri.mp3


Megillat Esther Chapter 6 - Mending the Split

Download Megillat_Esther_Chapter_6_Puri.mp3


Megillat Esther Chapter 7 - Plants in the Garden

Download Megillat_Esther_Ch_7_Plants_in.mp3

Download Megillat_Esther_Ch_7_ADDENDUM_.mp3

There are two audio files associated with this shiur.


With Open Arms or Clenched Fists: Could Haman Convert to Judaism?

(For a copy of the sourcesheet, please email me directly.)

This shiur was delivered at Congregation Or Torah on 7 Adar 5770 - February 21, 2010 as part of the YUTMK's Kollel Yom Rishon Program.

To access the audio of this shiur, please click here: YUTORAH.ORG

For a timely article from the NYT of February 28, 2010, please click here: Changing Face in Poland - Skinhead Puts on Skullcap


From Megilat Esther to LAffaire Dreyfus: Jews, Zionism, & the Court of Public Opinion

Download Megilat_Esther_to_LAffaire_Dreyfus_Jews_Zionism_and_Court_of_Public_Opinion.MP3
Download Megilat_Esther_From_Megilat_Esther_to_LAffaire_Dreyfus_Jews_Zionism_and_the_Court_of_Public_Opinion_5775.pdf


From Megilat Esther to L'Affaire Dreyfus Part 2: The Medium & The Message

Download Megilat_Esther_Medium_and_Message.MP3
Download Megilat_Esther_From_Megilat_Esther_to_LAffaire_Dreyfus_Part_2_The_Media___The_Message_5775.pdf


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