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If you would like assistance completing the application form, or would prefer a physical copy, please call the shul office: 847-679-3645

Congregation Or Torah 5784 Membership Form

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Membership Rates:

  • Family Membership: $1,975, includes two High Holiday seats. For existing members, if you elect to pay your entire balance by July 31, 2023, your membership will be $1,875 for the year.
  • New Family Membership: $1,000 for the first year, includes two High Holiday seats.
  • Young Family Membership (youngest spouse is under 30): $1,000, includes two High Holiday seats.
  • Individual Membership: $1,000, includes one High Holiday seat. If you elect to pay your entire balance by July 31, 2023, your membership will be $900 for the year.
  • Associate Membership: $850 for families, $450 for an individual or young families (youngest spouse is under 30). Associate Membership is for families who are full members at other shuls in the Chicagoland area. Please note: this tier does not include High Holiday seats. 

Please be aware youth groups are from 6 months - 5th grade.

*Please note that children of members includes those who are still in school, live with their parents, or who are otherwise still fully dependent on the member parents.  Requests for guest seats must be paid in full in order to be assigned.

  * Name Location When Notes



The building fund obligation is a one-time obligation, of $3,500, payable over 5 years at a suggested $700/year beginning with the member's 4th year as a member. Participation in and payment of the building fund is required in order to be considered a member in good standing.


Please be aware youth groups are for children ages 6 months to 5th grade!

Youth Groups Cost $10 per day on the High Holidays, for Rosh Hashanah the cost of groups is $20 per child.

Youth Groups Cost $10 per day on the High Holidays, for Rosh Hashanah the cost of groups is $20 per child. For Yom Kippur, the cost of groups is $10 per child.


Please note that you do not have to obtain approval from a member of the finance committee to pay half of your membership dues now and half in December.

1. Credit Card: To pay in full today please select "Credit Card" or "ACH/Check" next to payment method and click "Confirm and Continue". 


2. To pay in installments, please follow these instructions:
a. Next to the box titled "Pay this Amount", click the arrow to the right of the dropdown menu and select how many installments you'd like to split your total payment into (up to 10).
b. Next to the box titled 'Paid', select the frequency of this payments. Please note:

  • payments start today, from the date the form is submitted. 
  • the total payment has to be paid within 12 months

c. Next, select your payment method.
d. Next, select whether you'll be including the convenience fee, or opting out of the fee. Please note that including the fee
helps us offset processing costs of your payment. This fee is 100% Tax Deductible.
e. Click "Confirm and Continue"

NOTE: The credit card you use to make your first payment will be re-charged according to the frequency you chose in option b. from the day you make your first payment.


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