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OR Torah Bashert

Or Torah is excited to announce a new shidduch initiative in Skokie to introduce our single friends and family members to each other and singles we know from other communities. Please try to think of anyone you know whom we could include in this endeavor, and we encourage you to please share the names and contact information of your single friends or family members in search of a shidduch via the shidduch form below and the committee will reach out to them. The committee is comprised of Or Torah members, whose goal is to help people meet and all information will be kept strictly confidential.


OT Bashert Invites You To Join The 18 Cents Before We Light Campaign! Keeping Our Singles In Your Tefilot & Supporting The Or Torah Bashert Shidduch Initiative.



Shidduch Information

 Please include the follow items in your answer:

  1. Age Range
  2. College (y/n):____
  3. Professional (y/n): _____
  4. Yeshivish (y/n): _____ 
  5. Modern Orthodox (y/n): _________
  6. Currently learning (y/n): ___ If yes, for how long?_________  

***Please fill out whatever you are comfortable with on the form, once you submit the form a representative of the shidduch committee will follow up with you via a phone call. Please be patient with us as we collect all the needed information, as this process takes time and we want to make sure to give the proper attention to everyone interested in joining this initiative!***


Thu, February 29 2024 20 Adar I 5784