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Sefer Shmuel


Sefer Shmuel Alef : Introduction & Ch 1 Pt 1

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Intro_and_Ch_1_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Intro_and_Ch_1.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef : Ch 1 Part 2

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_1_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_1_Pt_2.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 1 Part 3 and Ch 2 : Chana's Thanksgiving Prayer

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_1_Pt_3_and_Ch_2_Pt_1_Chana_Thanksgiving.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_1_Pt_3_and_Ch_2.docx


Sefer Shmuel I - Ch 2 Part 2 Rotting Meet

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_2_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_2_Part_2.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 2 Pt 3 : Intergenerational Legacies

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_2_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_2_Part_3_Intergenerational_Legacies.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 3 : Don't Let the Lights Go Out

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_3_Part_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_3_Don_t_Let_the_Lights_Go_Out.docx

Please start with the source sheets from the last shiur, "Intergenerational Legacies".


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 3 Conclusion and Ch 4 Part 1 Losing the Ark

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_3_and_Ch_4_Part_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_4_Losing_the_Ark.docx

For source sheets at the start of the shiur, please see the previous shiur, "Don't Let the Lights Go Out"


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 4 Part 2

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_4_Part_2.MP3

Please see previous source sheets


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 4 Pt 3 : The Tragic (Re-Birth) of Binyamin

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_4_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_4_Pt_2_A_Tragic_Birth.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 5 : Plagues of the Plishtim

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_5.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_5_Makkot_of_the_Plishtim.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 6 : Returning Effects

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_6.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_6_On_the_Effects_of_Returning_from_Captivity.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 7 : Circuits of Shmuel Hanavi

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_7.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_7_Circuits_of_Shmuel_Hanavi.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 1 : Rejected Kings

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_8_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_8_The_Rejected_King.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 2 : Royal Order

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_8_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_8_Pt_2_Ordering_a_King.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 8 Pt 3 : Royal Order (Continued)

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_8_Pt_3.MP3

see mekorot sheets from previous shiur


Sefer Shmuel I Ch. 9 Pt. 1: Elevated Visionr

Download Shmuel_Alef_Ch_9_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_9_Pt_1_Raised_Vision.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 9 Pt 2 : Of Donkeys and Destinies

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_9_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_9_Pt_2_and_Ch_10_Of_Donkeys_and_Destinies.docx


Sefer Shmuel I Ch 9 Pt 3 : Surprised Party

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_9_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_9_Pt_3_Surprised_Party.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 1 : Rachel Imenu & the Prophetic Journey

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_10_Pt_1_Prophetic_Journey_and_Kever_Rachel.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_10_Pt_1_Rachel_Imenu_and_the_Prophetic_Journey.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 2 : Where Rachel Imenu Longs For Her Children

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_10_Pt_2_Rachel_Imenu_Longs_for_Her_Children_UPLOAD_VER.mp3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_10_Pt_2_Where_Rachel_Imenu_Longs_for_Her_Children.docx

Download Shavuot_5777_Seeing_Yerushalayim_From_Kever_Rachel_to_Rama_adapted_from_Shmuel_I_Perek_10_Pt_1_and_Pt_2.docx

Please see the 2 source packets for this shiur. The recorded shiur was delivered before Shavuot during the weekly slot on Thursday morning prior to Yom Cheirut Yerushalayim 28 Iyar 5777. The Tikun Leil Shavuot Edition--an amalgam of Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 1 and Pt 2, with supplemental material for Shavuot on pages 6-10--includes a map (cover) adapted from the Atlas Da'at Mikra.


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 10 Pt 3 & Ch 11 : The Humble King (Partially) Saves (The Whole)

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_10_Pt_3_and_Ch_11.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_10_Pt_3_and_Ch_11_The_Humble_King_Saves.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Chapter 12 : A Farewell Summer Storm

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_12_A_Farewell_Summer_Storm.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_12_A_Farewell_Summer_Storm.docx


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 13: Defensive King

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_13_Defensive_King.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_13_Defensive_King.pdf

This is the 'opening shiur' for 5778, reviews themes of the sefer to this point--


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 13 Pt 2: Hidden Mettle

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_13_Part_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_13_Pt_2_and_Ch_14_Pt_1_Hidden_Mettle_and_Friendly_Fire.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 1: Friendly Fire

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_14_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_14_Friendly_Fire.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 2: On Yehonatan and His Signs

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_14_Pt_2_On_Yonatan_and_His_Signs.MP3

For source sheets see last shiur Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 14 Pt 1 Friendly Fire


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 2: Friendly Fire Oath

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_14_Pt_2_Friendly_Fire_Oath.MP3


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 14 Pt 1: His Torncoat

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Ch_15_Pt_1_FIRST_PART_OF_THE_SHIUR.MP3

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Ch_15_Pt_1_His_Torncoat_SECOND_PART_OF_THE_SHIUR.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_15_Pt_1_His_Torncoat.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 15 Pt 2 - His Torncoat

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_15_Pt_2_EDIT.mp3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_15_Pt_2_His_Torncoat.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 15 Pt 3 - His Torncoat

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_15_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_15_Pt_3_His_Torncoat.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 16 Pt 1 - Obstructed Sight Lines to David

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_16_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_16_Pt_1_Obstructed_Sight_Lines_to_David.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 16 Pt 2: Obstructed Sight Lines

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_16_Pt_2_Obstructed_Sight_Lines_to_David.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_16_Pt_2_Obstructed_Sight_Lines_to_David.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 16 Pt 3 - Obstructed Sight Lines (Of Shaul)

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_ch_16_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_16_Pt_3_Obstructed_Sight_Lines_to_David.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 17 Pt 1 - The Shepherd of the Shepherd

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_17_Pt_1_The_Shepherd_of_the_Shepherd.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_17_Pt_1_The_Shepherd_of_the_Shepherd.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 17 Pt 2 - The Shepherd of the Shepherd and His Tefilla


Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_17_Pt_2_The_Shepherd_of_the_Shepherd___Tefilla_of_David_.MP3

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_17_Pt_2_Epilogue.MP3


Download Shmuel_I_Ch_17_Pt_2_The_Shepherd_of_the_Shepherd.pdf


Megilat Esther & Sefer Shmuel Alef - Of Shaul, Shushan, & Shoshanat Yaakov

Download Megilat_Esther___Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_-_Of_Shaul_Shushan_and_Shoshanat_Yaakov.MP3

Download Megilat_Esther_Of_Shaul_and_Shushan_and_Shoshanat_Yaakov_Shmuel_Alef_and_Megilat_Esther.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Guest Shiur at OT by R' Menachem Leibtag - Who Wrote Sefer Shmuel?

Download Who_Wrote_Sefer_Shmuel_by_R_Menachem_Leibtag_at_OT.MP3

This guest shiur, by R' Menachem Leibtag, took place at Or Torah on March 15th, 2018.


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 18 Pt 1 & Yom Haatzmaut - A Love & A Hate

Download Shmuel_Alef_Ch_18_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_18_Pt_1_A_Love_and_A_Hate.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 18 Pt 2: Deal Maker

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_18_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_18_Pt_2_Deal_Maker.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 19 Pt 2 - Prophetic Refuge

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_19_Pt_2_Prophetic_Refuge.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_19_Pt_2_Prophetic_Refuge.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 19 Pt 1: Escape Window

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_19_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_19_Pt_1_Escape_Window.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 20 Pt 1 - Bad Moon Rising

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_20_Pt_1_Bad_Moon_Rising.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_20_Pt_1_Bad_Moon_Rising.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 20 Pt 2 - From Slings to Arrows

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_20_Pt_2_From_Slings_to_Arrows.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_20_Pt_2_From_Slings_to_Arrows.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 21 Pt 1: Irrationally Consumed

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Ch_21_Pt_1_Irrationally_Consumed.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_21_Irrationally_Consumed.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 22 Pt 1: The Massacre at Nov

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_22_Pt_1_The_Massacre_at_Nov.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_22_The_Nov_Massacre.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 22 Pt 2: The Massacre at Nov (Continued)

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_22_The_Massacre_at_Nov_Pt_2.MP3

Use with sources from shiurim on Ch 21 and Ch 22


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 23: Fugitive Fighter

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_23_Fugitive_Fighter.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_23_Fugitive_Fighter.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 24: Caving at Ein Gedi

Download Sefer_Shmuel_I_Ch_24_Caving_At_Ein_Gedi.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_24_Caving_at_Ein_Gedi.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 25 Part 1: Punch Drunk Villain

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_25_Part_1_Punch_Drunk_Villain.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_25_Part_1_Punch_Drunk_Villain.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 25 Pt 2: Punch Drunk Villain

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_25_Pt_2_Punch_Drunk_Villain.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_25_Pt_2_Punch_Drunk_Villain.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 25 Pt 3: David Beguiled

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_25_Pt_3_David_Beguiled.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_25_Pt_3_David_Beguiled.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 26 Pt 1: Royal Goad

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_26_Pt_1_Royal_Goad.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_26_Pt_1_Royal_Goad.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 26 Pt 2: Royal Goad

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_26_Pt_2_Royal_Goad.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_26_Royal_Goad_Pt_2.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef - Ch 27: The Enemy of His Enemy

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_27_Enemy_of_my_Enemy.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_27_Enemy_Of_His_Enemy.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 28 Pt 1: Disastrous Medium

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_28_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_28_Disastrous_Medium.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 28 Pt 2: Disastrous Medium

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_28_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_28_Disastrous_Medium_Part_2.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 29: Conference Callout

Download efer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_29.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_29_Conference_Callout.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 30: Furious Pursuit

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_30.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_30_Furious_Pursuit.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef Ch 31: Our Crown Has Fallen

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_31.MP3

Download Shmuel_I_Ch_31_Our_Crown_Has_Fallen.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Alef: Our Crown Has Fallen - Part 2

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Alef_Ch_31_Pt_2.MP3

Please use the source packet from Part 1


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 1 Pt 1: Amalekite Spin

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_1_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_1_Amalekite_Spin.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 1 Pt 2: Majestic Lament

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_1_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_1_Pt_2_Majestic_Lament.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 2 Pt 1: Cracking Up the House

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_2_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_2_Pt_1_Cracking_up_The_House.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 2 Pt 2: Cracking Up the House

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_2_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_2_Pt_2_Cracking_up_The_House.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 3 Pt 1: Stepping Over the Lines

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_3_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_3_Stepping_Over_the_Lines.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 3 Pt 2: Stepping Over Lines

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_3_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_3_Part_2_Stepping_Over_the_Lines.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 4: Removing Potential Heads of State

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_4.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_4_Removing_Potential_Heads_of_State.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 5 Part 1 & Yom HaAtzmaut: David Melech Yisrael Chai vKayam

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_5_for_Yom_HaatzMaut_-_David_Melech_Yisrael_Chai_vKayam_.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_5_David_Melech_Yisrael_Chai_vKayam.pdf

Shiur in honor of Yom HaAtzmaut 5779 at Or Torah


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 5 Part 2: Fortress of Zion

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_5_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_5_Pt_2_Fortress_of_Zion.pdf

This is the link to the video screened during the shiur:




Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 5 Pt 3 and Yom Cherut Yerushalayim: Whispering March on the Tree Tops

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_5_Pt_3_Whispering_March_on_the_Tree_Tops.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_5_Pt_3_The_Whispering_March_on_the_Tree_Tops.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 6 Pt 1: Dancing With Fire

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_6_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_6_Pt_1_Dancing_with_Fire.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 6 Pt 2: Dancing With Fire

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_6_Pt_2.MP3

[sheets forthcoming]


Shmuel Bet Ch 7 Pt 1: Wanting to Build a House for Hashem

Download Shmuel_Bet_Ch_7_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_7_Part_1.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet - Ch 7 Pt 2: Wanting to Build a House for Hashem

Download Shmuel_Bet_Ch_7_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_7_Part_2.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet - Ch 8: Why is David "Better Than" Shaul - Guest Shiur by R Menachem Leibtag

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_8_R_Menachem_Leibtag_Guest_Speaker_at_OT.MP3

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag at Or Torah on 25 Tishrei 5780 - October 24, 2019


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 8: Choice Wars

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_8.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_8.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 9: Re-Place Settings

Download Shmuel_Bet_Ch_9.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_9_Place_Settings.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 10: Epic Chesed Fail

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_10.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_10_Epic_Chesed_Fail.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 11 Pt 1: The Fall

Download Shmuel_Bet_Ch_11_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_11_The_Fall_Part_1_.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 11 Pt 2: The Fall

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_11_Pt_2.MP3


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 11 Pt 3: The Fall

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_11_Pt_3.MP3


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 11 and Ch 12 Pt 4: The Fall

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_11_and_12_Pt_4.MP3


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 12: Unbalanced Teshuva

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_12_Unbalanced_Teshuva.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_12_Unbalanced_Teshuva.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 12 Pt 2: Fourfold Punishment

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_12_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_12_Fourfold_Punishment_Begins.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 12 Pt 3: Neighborhood Crown

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_12_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_12_Pt_3_Neighborhood_Crown.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 13 Pt 1: #TamarToo

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_13_Pt_1.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_13_Pt_1_TamarToo.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 13 Pt 2: Deja Vu

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_13_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_13_Pt_2_Deja_Vu.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 13 Pt 3: Shearing Party

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_13_Pt_3.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_13_Pt_3_Shearing_Party.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 14 Pt 1: General Allegories

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_14_Pt_1.mp3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_14_General_Allegories.pdf


Sefer Shmuel Bet Ch 14 Pt 2: A Troubling Quarantine

Download Sefer_Shmuel_Bet_Ch_14_Pt_2.MP3

Download Shmuel_II_Ch_14_Pt_2_Troubled_Quarantine.pdf


Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780