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Sefer Shoftim


Judicial Circuits of Sefer Shoftim Introduction & Perek 1

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Introduction_and_Ch_1_Part_1.MP3


Sefer Shoftim Chapter 1 Part 2 B

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Chapter_1_Part_2B_Zekeinim_Shoftim_Neviim_and_Otniel_Ben_Kenaz.MP3


Sefer Shoftim Chapter 2

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_2.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_2_Programmatic_Assay.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Perek 2 Part 3: Sin Cycle

Download Sefer_Shoftoim_Perek_2_Part_3_Second_Half_of_the_Perek.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_2_Sheet_2_Part_3_Sin_Cycle.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Chapter 3: Rights of Otniel, Ehud from the Left -- and Chanuka

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_3_Otniel_Ehud_and_Chanuka.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_3_Right_of_Otniel_and_Ehud_from_the_Left.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 4 & 5: Lightning Strike & Bee Sting Part 1

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_4_and_5_Bee_Sting___Lightning_Strike_Part_1.MP3

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_4_and_5_Maps_Google_and_Daat_Mikra.pdf

Download Shoftim_Ch_4___Ch_5_The_Bee_and_the_Lightning.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 4 & 5: Lightning Strike & Bee Sting Part 2

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch4_and_5_Part_2.MP3


Sefer Shoftim Ch 4 & 5: Lightning Strike & Bee Sting Part 3

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_4_and_5_Bee_Sting___Lightning_Strike_Part_3.MP3


Sefer Shoftim Ch 4 & 5: Yael Rises Part 1

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_4_and_5_Yael_Rises.MP3


Sefer Shoftim Ch 4 & 5: Yael Rises Part 2

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Perek_4_and_5_Yael_Rises_Part_2.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_4_and_5_Yael_Rises.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 6 Part 1: Gidon Breaks

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_6_Gidon_Breaks_Part_1.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_6_Gidon_Breaks_Up_Part_1.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 6 Part 2: Gidon Breaks

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_6_Part_2.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_6_Gidon_Breaks_Up_Part_2.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 6 Part 4: Gidon and Errant Beliefs

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_6_Part_3_Rema_on_Gidon_and_Errant_Beliefs.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_6_Gidon_Breaks_Up_Part_3_Smashing_Idols_and_Barriers.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 6 Part 5 and Ch 7: Unit 300

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_6_Part_4_and_Ch_7_Part_1.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_7_Unit_300.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 8: Exercising Gentle & Harsh Leadership

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_8.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_8_Exercising_Gentle_and_Harsh_Powers_of_Leadership.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 9: The Conflagration of Power

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_9_Conflagration_of_Power.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_9_The_Conflagration_of_Power.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 10: Vows, Recurrent and Opening

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_10.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_10_and_11_Recurrent_Vows_and_Opening_Vows.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 10: Vows, Recurrent and Opening Part 2

Download Sefer_SHoftim_Ch_10_and_11_Part_2.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_10_and_11_Recurrent_Vows_and_Opening_Vows_Part_2.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 12

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_12.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_12_The_First_Civil_War.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 13: Birth Mysteries

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_13.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_13_Mysteries_of_Birthing.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 14: Shimshon Looks

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_14_Shimshon_Looks.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_14_Shimshon_Looks.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 15: Shimshon Burns

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_15_Shimshon_Burns.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_15_Shimshon_Burns.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 16: Shimshon Rages

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_16_Shimshon_Rages.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_16_Shimshon_Rages.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 17 Part 1: Confused Worship

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_17_Part_1_Confused_Worship.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_17_Confused_Worship.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 17 Part 2: Confused Worship

Download Sefer_Shoftim_ch_17_Part_2_.MP3

Please use the sourcesheets from the previous shiur, beginning on Page 2


Sefer Shoftim Ch 18: Oracle Beholden - Part 1

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_18.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_18_Oracle_Beholden.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 18 Part 2: Oracle Beholden, and Chapter 19: Unspeakable Horror

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_18_and_19.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_19_The_Horror.docx


Sefer Shoftim Ch 20: Dispatching Binyanim

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_20.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_20_Taking_Care_of_Binyanim_through_the_Bond_of_Surety.pdf


Sefer Shoftim Ch 21 : Coming Full Circle

Download Sefer_Shoftim_Ch_21_Coming_Full_Circle.MP3

Download Shoftim_Ch_21_Coming_Full_Circle.docx


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