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Torah-On-The-Run: Lulav All Seven Days

Download Lulav_All_Seven_Torah_Briefing.mp3
Download Harerei_Kedem_Lulav_Bigvulin_K.pdf


Torah-On-The-Run: The Arava Bundle on Hoshana Rabba

Download The_Chibut_Arava_Torah_Briefin.mp3


Torah On the Run: The Lefthanded & The Lulav

Download The_Lefthanded_and_the_Lulav_T.mp3

In loving memory of Chaim Kielson, z"l


Hearing Hallel as A Conversation

Download Hallel_As_A_Conversation_Sukko.mp3
Download SK_5773_For_Hoshana_Rabba_Hall.pdf


What Is Hoshana Rabba? On Closing the Circles

Download What_Is_Hoshana_Rabba.MP3

A basic review of the significance of this last day of Sukkot, the last day of Din.


Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782